Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

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The sequential nature of actual events is not illuminated with lengthy precision
by the powers of prescience except under the most extraordinary circumstances.
The oracle grasps incidents cut out of the historic chain. Eternity moves. It
inflicts itself upon the oracle and the supplicant alike. Let Muad'dib's
subjects doubt his majesty and his oracular visions. Let them deny his powers.
Let them never doubt Eternity.

-The Dune Gospels

Hayt watches Alia cross the plaza from her temple to the keep and notices that she looks hunted, she belongs in the desert. She feels hunted. Just before leaving the temple, Alia took the largest dose of spice she's ever attempted, trying to break through the tarot fog. Duncan notices something is wrong with her. Out of her Bene Gesserit awareness, she knows that the Bene Gesserit want her child or Chani's, she can see her child in the visions but not the father. Hayt computes that they want a mating between Paul and Alia, this is why she cannot see the father. Hayt worries that she's taken too much spice, he feels a deep fear inside of losing an Atreides woman and having to explain that to Paul. She says that she gets in the way of her own vision, she cannot see through herself. Hayt wants to know how much spice she took but she just tells him that nature hates prescience. He wants to go get a doctor but she tells him not too, she must have the vision. He makes her lie down and then she senses people all around her, sees Hayt. She realizes he loves her and clings to this thought which brings her back to reality. The doctor sticks a tube down her throat, he also gives her a sedative. He says he will tell Paul about this. She finally sees the vision Paul sees and starts to cry, he must be stopped! She can tell that all the threats of Time focus through Paul like a lense and he refuses to let any of them change. She wonders why, does he hate Time itself because it hurt him? She says this out loud and Hayt thinks she's talking to him. She wishes she wasn't prescient, she never wanted to be different. She didn't want to be feared as the sister fo a god or part of history, she just wants to love and be loved. Hayt tells her he loves her. She interprets her vision and realizes that Paul is creating a universe in which he won't permit himself to live. He'll lose everything. She falls asleep and has more visions of her unborn child. She realizes it will be pre-born, just like her.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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