Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

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He has gone from Alia,
The womb of heaven!
Holy, holy, holy!
Fire-sand leagues
Confront our Lord.
He can see
Without eyes!
A demon upon him!
Holy, holy, holy
He solved for

-The Moon Falls Down Songs of Muad'dib

It's been a week since the stone burner incident and the keep has become unnaturally quiet. Korba the Panegyrist has been taken prisoner and brought to a meeting of the naibs. Chani and Paul awaken and Chani is disturbed by the fact that Paul refers to her babies singularly and wonders why he doesn't know they are twins. She decides not to question him about it. Alia goes to preside oover the council of naibs. She recalls a letter she received from Jessica refusing to make Caladan a stop on the Hajj. She accuses Alia of creating a dealy paradox be combining religion and government. The Fremen are upset that Paul is not presiding, she quotes Fremen Law that a Reverend Mother presides over matters of life and death. Stilgar reads the charges against Korba and recites Fremen Law. Korba demands to confront his accuser, Alia suggests that he accuses himself. This shuts Korba up, after all, Alia could accuse him herself if she chose to. She says their enemies have Fremen allies and are wrecking the ecological transformation. At that moment Paul enters and reveals that a worm has been stolen and taken off-world. The Fremen wisper about the Fremen Law that the blind are to be abandoned in the desert. He proves he is not blind by describing the scene around him miment by moment out of his prescient visions. Paul tells Korba Otheym accuses him, Korba protests that Otheym is dead. Paul wants to know how he knows this, he's incriminated himself. He looks to the gallery of naibs for help, revealing to Alia the rest of the conspirators among them. Paul orders Korba imprissoned in a maximum security cell and appoints Stilgar as his councel. After everyone leave, just as Alia is about to take the morning audience, she tells Stilgar he's gone through a dramatic change. He's about to dissobey Paul and she hopes it doesn't destroy them both.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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