Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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The audacious nature of Muad'dib's actions may be seen in the fact that He knew
from the beginning whither He was bound, yet not once did He step aside from
that path. He put it clearly when He said: "I tell you that I come now to my
time of testing when it will be shown that I am the Ultimate Servant." Thus He
weaves all into One, that both friend and foe may worship Him. It is for this
reason and this reason only that His Apostles prayed: "Lord, save us from the
other paths which Muad'dib covered with the Waters of His Life. " Those "other
paths" may be imagined only with the deepest revulsion.

-from The Yiam-el-Din (Book of Judgment)

Scytale gets into Paul's keep by impersonating Lichna, daughter of Otheym, one of Paul's Fedaykin from before the Jihad. Chani identifies her for Bannerjee who takes her to Paul. This is the toughest part Scytale has ever had to play. Of course, Paul sees through the disguise immediately with his Bene Gesserit training. He did not see this face dancer coming which means he's hidden by a powerfull oracle, he can only see what he can't do, kill her. Lichna's message is that her father wishes to see Muad'dib and Chani concearning a water matter. He wants to tell Paul of a Fremen plot against him, all the details are in a human distrans that only Paul can open. Paul refuses to bring Chani and this is a huge monkey wrench in the conspiracy plan, Scytale doesn't give up though. Paul insists that Lichna go in Chani's place. She says her father instructed her not to return or their enemies would kill her, to seek asylum with Muad'dib. Paul says he will take Harah, one of Stilgar's wives instead. Lichna doesn't know she can trust her and Paul suggests Lichna's step-mother, who stil cares for Otheym, stand in. Paul dismisses her and doesn't tell anyone about her true nature. He can't stray from the vision or there will be violence. He has to find a way out of it, if a way exists.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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