KJA & BH interview

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KJA & BH interview

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Not sure if this has made the rounds before. (Scroll down to the bottom to the "AUIDO" heading and you will find a player for this interview snippet).

KJA talks about how Star Wars books got him ready to write Dune books, as he had to stay within the boundaries in the Star Wars universe. I think he also implies that most Star Wars readers are too stupid to get Dune.

This interview was Pre-Road to Dune, and KJA says that they have not gone to the Fullerton archive yet. Didn't they write a buncha Dune books prior to Road? Don't you think they would have wanted to go there first? I sure do. Anyway, BH contradicts him in the very same interview and says that they have gone there. Nice save Brian. The puppet master was paying attention that day.

KJA also says that in "creating" the Dune universe they "haven't found anything (they) felt limited in," in coming up with stories. No shit? Really? Could have fooled me.

BH talks about that scene too where Leto and Jessica meet and someone gets a knife up against their throat. Apparently Frank made a mistake by not putting that one in Dune.

Brian also acknowledges that Frank said nothing about Ix, so the dipshit brothers had to come up with it all. Thanks guys. :roll:
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Thanks for the morning laugh!

Classic Brian saying they went to Fullerton after Kevin just said they haven't been there, yet (well classic Kevin also for lying).

Star Wars fans too dumb to read Dune :lol:
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