Chapter 04

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Chapter 04

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The advent of the Field Process shield and the lasgun with their explosive
interaction, deadly to attacker and attacked, placed the current determinatives,
on weapons technology. We need not go into the special role of atomics. The fact
that any Family in my Empire could so deploy its atomics as to destroy the
planetary bases of fifty or more other Families causes some nervousness, true.
But all of us possess precautionary plans for devastating retaliation. Guild and
Landsraad contain the keys which hold this force in check, No, my concern goes
to the development of humans as special weapons. Here is a virtually unlimited
field which a few powers are developing.

-Muad'dib: Lecture to the War College from The Stilgar Chronicle

Scytale goes to the Arrakeen suburbs to meet with Farok, a veteran Fedaykin and Bijaz the dwarf who are both in on the conspiracy. Farok is disenchanted with how the Fremen are becoming soft and longs for the good old days in the desert. Farok reveals that his son, who's semuta music is playing in the background, lost his eyes to a stone burner in Paul's Jihad. Farok says he enlisted in the jihad to see a sea and when he did and emersed himself in it, he was healed of the jihad. Scytale is there to find a way into Paul's keep and the semuta music is to implant the names of conspiracy cells and pass phrases onto a drstrans within him. They plan to steal a worm from Arrakis and start the spice cycle elswhere to break Paul's monopoly on spice. They semuta music is also for Otheym's Daughter whom his son has drugged to try to make her forget his blindness. Farok asks about Scytale's intentions for the girl and Scytale kills Farok and his son and thinks to himself that now Otheym's daughter will have her chance.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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