The Potential for Spontaneous Human Combustosculation

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The Potential for Spontaneous Human Combustosculation

Post by SandChigger »

It's been almost three weeks now since Kevin has blogged on either MySpace or the "MilkSpace" mirror.

I'm becoming concerned that all that verbal expressive power might build up inside and result in him exploding in a conflagration of self-love unlike anything we've seen before.

Anyone else worried?

(We didn't already have a thread for the "blogs" here, right? Just getting ready. I'm sure he's going to blow any day now. He already sucks. ;) )
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Post by Omphalos »

Kind of like a critical mass of bullshit? Never thought of it that was. When he goes the prevailing winds should keep the fecal fallout away from Sacto, though.
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