Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

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"I must rule with eye and claw -- as the hawk among lesser birds."
-Atreides assertion (Ref: BG Archives)

Teg blends into the foot traffic on the road at daybreak after cleaning himself up and removing any signs of rank. Durring the night he had learned to deal with his new second vision but still didn't understand how it happened. He picks a farmer with his second vision and asks if this is the way to Ysai. He says so but it's a long way, a few other farmers hem Teg in so he can't be seen but Teg doesn't sense any menace. The farmer says they have been looking him to protect him, people are looking for him. They served with him at Renditai. They hustle Teg into a ground car and speeds on. Teg finally gets to relax but his body still hurts from the T-probe. Teg gives the driver an address of one of his contacts. The car is owned by the Planetary Bank of Gammu and will not be stopped. Teg asks for food and the driver takes him to a get a bowl of soup. The driver precededs Teg and tells the owners he is a banker and there will be no need to pay. A man inside brings Teg soup, he's obviously mostly artificial. Teg trembles too much to feed himself and the man helps Teg get the first few spoonfulls. The man tells Teg that no one will hurt him here unless it's over his dead body, his sone is alive because of Teg.

Back in the car, Teg deduces from what the driver tells him that the Honored Matres have been on Gammu for at least a hundred years. They arrive at Teg's destination and the driver lets him out. Teg takes a tube to the rememberred room where a military man concealing danger greets him. A mercenary available to the highest bidder. He introduces himself as Regional Commander of the Forces of Dur, which Teg had never heard of. The man thinks Tegs forces attacked the shack while he was being interrogated. A Suk doctor from The Scattering enters from the tube to examine Teg and orders food for him and asks Teg to eat slowly. Teg eats an enourmous amount of food, shocking those there to witness it. Teg can see that the Field Marshal has received new orders by the way he looks at him, his doubled vision tells him that an Honored Matre is on her way. The Field Marshal wishes him well of her and leaves.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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