Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

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Religion must be accepted as a source of energy. It can be directed for our
purposes, but only within limits that experience reveals. Here is the secret
meaning of Free Will.

-Missionaria Protectiva, Primary Teaching

It is the day of Murbella's Agony, due to a mistake in weather control, it is cloudy, windy and rain is expected. Odrade tries not to think of omens. Ever since their Sharing, Tam and Sheeana have been acting like one person. It happens but not often, usually one of the persons Sharing does so because death is near. Whatever Sheeana was hiding, Tam is hiding too. Bell says odds are long against Murbella surviving and asks Odrade what becomes of their plan then, extremis, Odrade says, they will Share with Murbella at the moment of death. Bell doesn't think Duncan should be present for this but Odrade thinks Murbella's love for him might pull her through. No man besides Muad'dib and the Tyrant has ever witnessed the Agony. They all fear what Murbella may become, a catalyst Odrade hopes. Odrade senses the chasm beneath her and the unseen hunter with the axe behind. She will not make Muad'dib's mistake and turn to identify the stalker. She knows this image will persist until the Sisterhood or she herself ends. She wonders if her fears created this threat, surely not. They go to the no-ship where Murbella waits. Proctors had brought her to the small ampitheater, table with staps at the center, through small rooms clearly equiped for medical emergencies. She had received no explaination besides "Mother Superior's orders." Sheeana brings in Duncan, Odrade prepares the table and Bell goes to get the Suk in charge of spice essence. Odrade gives her a few tips, mainly remember balance. They administer the essence and her stomach burns, she wonders if this is the extent of the Agony, then it works its way outward and her body convulses. Her moholata appears as the controller of a factory shuttle in space, she tells her she is here to help her avoid the destroyers. Other Memory begins to come to her, her guide tells her that we are the victors and sometimes they did terrible things to survive. Duncan touches her cheek agonizing her, though this she senses gaps in the memories. Her guide tells her she will only recieve what she can handle, the others will come later if she survives. The agony increases and she feels she is dying. Duncan shakes her shoulders and makes it worse. It's hell, worse than anything she could have imagined. This deserved to be called the Agony. Her only hope becomes an end to the agony. Duncan kisses her on the forhead and she grabs him realizing this is real and she has come through it, she had clung to her love for him through the worst of it, but does she still love him? No answer. She hears Odrade order her clothes stripped from her and for someone to bring a proper robe. Odrade tells her she's glad that she did that the hard way. She looks for the grail Odrade talked about and only remembers atrocities that would make an Honored Matre quail, the grail isn't a thing, but a question: How to set the balances aright?
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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