Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

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Enter no conflict against fanatics unless you can defuse them. Oppose a
religion with another religion only if your proofs (miracles) are irrefutable or
if you can mesh in a way that the fanatics accept you as god-inspired. This has
long been the barrier to science assuming a mantle of divine revelation.
Science is so obviously manmade. Fanatics (and many are fanatic on one subject
or another) must know where you stand, but more important, must recognize who
whispers in your ear.

-Missionaria Protectiva, Primary Teaching

It took two months to get Sheeana approved as replacement for Tamalane. Bellonda has been standing day watch while Odrade is absent, like today, breifing a new Bene Gesserit remnant being sent into Scattering. Idaho's suggestion that this was futile sent shock waves through The Sisterhood, but the council reluctantly continued it, with new briefings on what they may encounter. Murbella's baby is due in eight days. Odrade thinks Murbella is ready for the agony after this birth. Sheeana's daily reports come in late and are often repetative, no wormsign, spice mass intact. They are still unsure about Sheeana and Duncan's plan to control Teg and awaken his memories by imprinting him. Odrade plans to bring Scytale back to her workroom and asks that Tam be there. When she, Tam and Scytale are alone in the workroom, she asks why he was leaving Bandalong when the Whores attacked. He doesn't answer but asks if they are growing a replacement ghola of him, which they confirm. He tells them he was on Lashkar with a force of khasadars seeking a herd of Futars for their defense. He admits to himself that they were betrayed by his own people returned from The Scattering. He tells them that the returned ones had only brought two Futars which would not reproduce in their tanks and they died before they could figure out why. He says the Futars on Gammu would not kill Honored Matres because they had no orders to do so. Odrade asks if that's why he wants face dancers, to kill him on his order to prevent them from learning his secrets.

Bellonda's projection interupts them, an urgent message from Sheeana. The spice blow has occured and there are sandworm. Ordade tells Scytale he has just lost a barganing chip, but he says it's a trick. Just then, Sheeana bursts in towing a tiny worm on a suspensor pod. She says there are thousands of them and picks it up and cradles it like a baby. Scytale stares in awe of the Prophet. Odrade, sighs in relief that Sheeana can still control them, asks if he still serves the prophet, there he is. She reveals that they saved the last revnant of the Prophet and are turning Chapterhouse into another Dune. He asks for time to think, all his dreams are vanishing. He realises they no longer need him, be he needs them. Odrade offers that they make common cause against the Honored Matres, if not in the Great Belief. All they want is to know how to make the best Tanks. He insists he must have his own Face Dancers and tanks. She says the council will consider it. She sends him back to the no-ship in a ground car. They discuss the myth potential of turning Chapterhouse into another Dune. Bell makes a prime computation that the creaters of the Futars hope to control the Bene Gesserit. They are all thinking in sync now, if Murbella survives the Agony and Teg's memories are restored they just may have a fighting chance.

They receive a message that Clairby has been mortally wounded in an accident. They are very short of skilled help these days. Odrade gives the order to cyborg him.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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