Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

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It is your fate, forgetfulness. All of the old lessons of life, you lose and
gain and lose and gain again.

-Leto II, the Voice of Dar-es-Balat

Taraza has received Odrade's latest report from Rakis and entered it into archives. She debates going to Rakis herself. Should they make themselves missionaries for the Tleilaxu? Reverend Mother Bellonda wants Odrade killed out of hand for treason and awaits her decision. But Odrade is just as valuable as the ghola. Bellond also thinks the ghola is too dangerous. The Tleilaxu alliance's benefit of a source of spice is attractive though. They wonder if the ghola project was ever really theirs. The Tleilaxu have been subtly changing each ghola, trying to perfect something. Do the Tleilaxu still follow a secret order to keep producing the Idaho gholas? Bell thinks they must break free of the Tyrant's trap oncce and for all. Taraza tells Bell that all her alternative suggestions lead to alienation from both Rakis and the Tleilaxu. Taraza tires of Bells old arguments and tells her to leave. The Tyrants secret words on Rakis have touched them. Taraza suspects that the New Face Dancers are so perfected that they actually become the person they copy, could this be the next step in Tleilaxu immortality? Her councilors think so. Odrade has almost all the peices in her hands and soon she'll have the ghola too. She could have Rakis itself! If only she wasn't Atreides. Taraza decides to go to Rakis, she may have to do what Bell wants.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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