Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

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The long table on the right is set for a banquet of roast desert hare in sauce
cepeda. The other dishes, clockwise to the right from the far end of the table,
are aplomage sirian, chukka under glass, coffee with melange (note the hawk
crest of the Atreides on the urn), pot-a-oie and, in the Balut crystal bottle,
sparkling Caladan wine. Note the ancient poison detector concealed in the

-Dar-es-Balat, Description at a Museum Display

Teg finds Duncan in a dining alcove of the no-globe's kitchen, seemingly to have finally recovered after eight days from a rage that overcame him when entering the no-globe and seeing Harkonnen griffins decorating the entrance. Lucilla has dissappeared into the library and Teg uses this opoportune time to talk to Duncan alone. Duncan asks whe Teg is preventing him from being alone with Lucilla. Teg realizes that if it's obvious to Duncan, Lucilla has to know. Teg asks why he came down here when he was supposed to be on the practice floor, Duncan says the exercises made no sense. Teg questions his obedience, Duncan says he has to know. Tegs tells him he won't like him when it happens, the exercises are to prepare him for the intense pain that will be necessary to restore his memories. Duncan insists he will only be gratefull, wouldn't he want the same if the roles were reversed? Teg tells him he's his teacher, not his father, Duncan asks if he's his friend. That is something the original Duncan will have to decide for himself. Teg tells him that he finds what he's been ordered to do distastefull. He has been trained to the level of regimental commander, Duncan hopes he and Teg will be comrades. Teg begins turning Duncan's questions back on him, emotional pain is as improtant as the physical. Duncan becomes desperate for answers but Teg remains silent. Duncan gets angry then goes into a daze, like he can't figure out who Teg is. Teg jumps up to his feet and slaps him a couple of times until Duncan attacks with amazing speed. Teg and Duncan go round and round until finally Duncan calls him Leto. Teg backs off and Duncan's memories begin to come back until at last he remembers being killed by Sardaukar in Harkonnen uniforms. He asked if Paul escaped, which Teg confirms. Teg asks if he remembers the keep and the Bene Gesserit teachings. Duncan remembers, says, "Regimental Commander?" and laughs. Lucilla enters, and she's pissed. Duncan figures out that Lucilla was supposed to imprint him. He feels something still burried deep inside and imagines her dead in a pool of blood.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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