Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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The outer surface of a balloon is always larger than the center of the damned
thing! That's the whole point of the Scattering!

-Bene Gesserit response to an Ixian suggestion that new investigative probes be
sent out among the Lost Ones

Taraza has ordered Teg up to a Guild ship orbiting Gammu and to be prepared for violence. In the lighter on the way up, Teg readies himself for combat. While docking he sees the Ixian symbol on the side of the Guild ship and notes that this one has been converted to use the Ixian Navigation Machine but a Navigator would still be there since they don't trust the machine. Teg feels that the need for this venture represents a failure. An Ixian leads teg to Taraza's quarters where an acolyte sees him and goes to get Taraza. Teg notes the smell of shere in the room and takes it as a sign that they are being observed. She enters looking tired which alerts Teg, it's very unusual for a Revernd Mother to show signs of fatigue. She orders him to awaken the ghola as soon as possible. She warns that there will be attempts to kill the ghola before he is awakened, the Tleilaxu have been killing them to control their timing. Allready in mentat mode, Teg deduces from Taraza's subtle clues that they are being observed by people from The Scattering, walks to the curtains concealing the entrance through which Mother Superior came to reveal the secret observer who is shocked. The man enters the room and tells Taraza he warned her not to tell him. She says she warned him not to underestimate Teg. Teg lets him know that Bene Gesserit no-ships have this Guild ship in their sights and will soon open fire. Teg informs him that he will be leaving with Mother Superior or they will all die. He realizes he's been defeated and lets them go. Teg tells him he values his own life too much to be a good military leader. Odrade and some acolytes accompany them on the way down.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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