August 15, 2009 The Absent Willow Review

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August 15, 2009 The Absent Willow Review

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Interview: Kevin J. Anderson
August 15, 2009

in Interviews

We are proud to present Bestselling author Kevin J Anderson.

Not only does he have over 20 million books in print, Kevin recently finished
work on his 7-volume Saga of Seven Suns series, he is currently on a multiple
city signing trip for his novel The Winds of Dune. It’s debut at #15 on the
New York Times best seller list marks his tenth DUNE novel in a row to do so.

We are honored to have had Kevin take a few moments out of his busy
schedule to sit down for this interview.

What first inspired you to write?

All the stories that kept forming in my imagination.

I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I saw science fiction and monster
movies when I was a kid (particularly the original “War of the Worlds”).
I wanted to write stories like that, so I made up my own, drew pictures,
wrote clunky sentences as soon as I knew how to spell.

What inspires you now?

All the stories that keep forming in my imagination. I get ideas for several
more novels for each one I write, and I love developing the characters, the
histories, the alien landscapes, and the plotlines. I can;t imagine doing any
other job.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Don’t expect it to be easy. I have people writing to ask for some magical
shortcut to becoming a bestselling author. There is no shortcut. You have
to work and work, keep developing your skills, keep knocking on doors,
and you’ll probably get rejected a lot of times. It’s like trying out for a
major league sports team.

You’ve worked on such great titles as the series of Dune books, Star Wars
titles, The Saga of Seven Suns, Captain Nemo, as well as others. Which titles
hold a special place in your heart?

That’s a huge question. I loved my work in Star Wars, which changed my
entire career and attracted a large fan base that then followed me to my
original novels. The Saga of Seven Suns, a giant 7-volume space epic, is
probably my masterpiece (so far), but I keep trying to broaden my work,
push myself to do better and better each time. I am enthralled with my new
fantasy series, Terra Incognita, which I think is the best I’ve ever done…and
the Dune series with Brian Herbert is probably the most important part of my
work; I very much enjoy working with Brian and we have reenergized Frank
Herbert’s great series of books and attracted a huge new following.

Of all the characters in the Dune universe which character is your favorite?

Duke Leto Atreides in the core DUNE timeframe, but I also love the sadistic
but charming robot character Erasmus in the Butlerian Jihad series.

You’ve penned novels and comics. While each is has its own merits and
challenges is there one which comes easier to you?

I enjoy working on comics, especially the close collaboration with an artist,
but my heart and mind are really focused on novels.

What are you reading now?

FALLEN DRAGON by Peter F Hamilton

What future projects do you have planned?

Brian Herbert and I are just finishing the first draft of HELLHOLE, Book 1 in
an original SF trilogy that should appeal to all our Dune fans. We’ve done 11
Dune books now, and so we wanted to branch out and do something new.

I am also doing the final edit on THE MAP OF ALL THINGS, the second book
in the Terra Incognita series. (Book 1, THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, came out
in June); for THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, we did a very innovative crossover
rock CD from the supergroup Roswell Six. My wife and I are now working on
the lyrics for a second CD to accompany the second novel in the series.

What interests do you have outside of writing?

I love hiking, mountain climbing, craft beers, music, movies and TV,
and cooking.

Any last words of wisdom?

I’ll be launching a 15-city tour for WINDS OF DUNE, which runs from August 4-20.
Details are listed on my blog at Come
and see us, hear us give a talk about writing and Dune and other things.

When a brand knew urinal puck showed up in the bathroom of my studio, I knew what I had to do.
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