Muad' Dib, the Musical?

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Muad' Dib, the Musical?

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John Scalzi has an interesting contest going on at his AMC Sci-Fi Scanner blog. It's a writing assignment; he lays out ten wacky scenarios, you choose one and write a very short story (like a few paragraphs), put it in the comments, and wait for the winner to be chosen. The deadline is noon EST, October 14. The prize is a dvd set of the original Prisoner. Here's one someone here may want to take a shot at:
8. The movie Dune has been remade. The name of the newest version is Muad'Dib! The Musical, starring Hugh Jackman as Paul. You are a critic. Write the review.
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Re: Muad' Dib, the Musical?

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Omph, you'd nail that one, go for it!
I deleted some of your posts because they were derailing the topic and not focusing on the issues asked, and instead going after the authors or their material. That's why. ~ BM
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