Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

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Survival of self, of species, and of environment, these are what drive humans.
You can observe how the order of importance changes in a lifetime. What are the
things of immediate concern at a given age? Weather? The state of the
digestion? Does she (or he) really care? All of those various hungers that
flesh can sense and hope to satisfy. What else could possibly matter?

-Leto II to Hwi Noree, His Voice: Dar-es-Balat

Teg wakes up, gaged and bound on a suspensor litter and take him into a small shack containing a table, a few chairs and an Ixian probe. HIs captors call it a T-probe and connect his head to it. It's obvious to Teg that these are people from The Scattering and they are after the ghola. At least Duncan escaped. They begin with the probe, Teg thinks they must have turned to to maximum, it's excruciating and wonders if his mentat abilities will help isolate him from the pain. The interogators say he's got enough sheere in him to last a year, the probe is blank. They don't want to report another failure to their superiors. They turn it up to maximum this time. With the pain came an ondd clarity, Teg is almost able to seperate himself from it, like it's happeneing to someone else. He loses any anchor for his awareness and wonders if he is still alive. They hit him with the pain again and are suprised that he can still hear them talking. He tries to open his eyes and can't but he can identify what the T-probe is doing, where it is taking control of his body. Teg says, "Dit, Dat, Dot," the names of puppets from a show in his childhood, they are shocked he can even speak. He thinks of the interrogators as puppets. His awareness begins to match the machine and learns how it works, it copies his senses and creates a simulation of the subject which they can then question it. Teg is reassured that it won't think like him though. He learns to anticipate the probe's next move. The interogators think they have him now and ask it where they have taken the ghola but they get no response. Time slows down and Teg finds he can move, he undoes his bindings and the probe contacts, his captors are moving incredibly slow, Teg realizes he is moving with dangerous speed. He kills them and they fall slowly to the floor. He runs out of the shack and returns to normal speed, he is free.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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