Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

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Let there be no doubt that I am the assemblage of our ancestors, the arena in
which they exercise my moments. They are my cells and I am their body. This is
the favrashi of which I speak, the soul, the collective unconscious, the source
of archetypes, the repository of all trauma and joy. I am the choice of their
awakening. My samhadi is their samhadi. Their experiences are mine! Their
knowledge distilled is my inheritance. Those billions are my one.

-The Stolen Journals

The Face Dancers perforemed a parody dance of how Paul's priests spread his religion through the empire and afterwards the wedding announcement was made. The Fish Speakers were disturbed, they thought they were his only brides, that is the meaning of Siaynoq. Moneo had no previous warning and became furious with Leto. He confronts him and tells him the lies will be believed now, it will be across the empire in two weeks. Leto says the greeks were more realistic obout their gods not being perfect, defiling your god is a human tradition. Moneo stomps around and says he can't help him if he doesn't know why he is doing this. Emotions, Leto says, he hasn't felt emotions like these in a long time, these last few tastes of humanity are sweet. Moneo accuses Hwi of putting a spell on him, Leto agrees and is greatfull. Moneo continues and Leto says he's making him angry, that quenches his fire. Leto says Hwi reminds him of the Butlerian Jihad, she is the opposite of all that is mechanical and non-human. How odd that the Ixians of all people could produce this one person with those qualities dear to him. Moneo doesn't understand the reference to the Butlerian Jihad. Leto explains that the Jihad was against the machine-attitude as much as the machines themselves. Humans had set the machines to usurp our sense of beauty, our necessary selfdom out of which we make living judgements, naturally they were destroyed. For the first time in centuries Leto doesn't feel lonely. Moneo doesn't think this is good, but Leto tells him their taks has always been to bring the new into balance while not supressing survival. What is the opposite of obscenity? Moneo thinks it's too dangerous, the ultimate conservative verdict. They hear Duncan storm into the anteroom, he must have heard. Moneo asks for details about the wedding and accuses Leto of idle thoughts. Leto says he has time for idle thinking. Leto names the place as Seitch Tabr, the time is up to Moneo. Leto will perform the cerimony in the old Fremen rite, Moneo will give her away. They will need Ghani's water rings, stillsuit and robe. Only a Fish Speaker guard and family will attend, including Siona, if she survives her test.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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