Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

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The singular multiplicity of this universe draws my deepest attention. It is a
thing of ultimate beauty.

-The Stolen Journals

Moneo delivers Hwi only an hour after Leto summoned her, she notices he's obviously disturbed. He tells her that Leto is different to every person and he wonders what part they play in creating those differences. Hwi asks why she was summoned, Leto tells her that at one time, the Ixians contemplated making a weapon, a type of hunter-seeker, self-propelled death with a machine mind. It was to be designed as a self improving thing which would seek out life and reduce that life to its inorganic matter. They don't see that machine makers risk becoming totally machine and when the machines fail, which they always do, there would be no life left at all. Hwi thinks them mad and Leto tells her Anteac thinks so too. He also tells her that they are now trying to create a machine that they are concealing from him, he is going to send Anteac to Ix to investigate and he wants Hwi to tell her everything she can remember about her childhood, the place of her birth is the place of concealment. Anteac will be sent on suspicion of them building a weapon.

Hwi asks what motivated him to choose this life, he says that first she must understand what it is like to see the future. Nothing is seperated from is source, it is a continuum where things form like bubbles under a waterfall which then vanish into the stream. If the stream ends it's as if the bubbles never were. The stream is his Golden Path and he saw it end. His choice to metamorphisize is changing that, but mainly it will be changed by the manner of his death. He will die four deaths, the death of the flesh, of the soul, of the myth and of reason. each of these will contain the seeds of ressurection. The seeds will return. Each cycle is a reaction to the previous cycle, he allows the body of the people to grow but not the mind. He doesn't allow space travel in order to make them want it more, expecially since the amount of spice dwindles every day and fredom becomes more prescious. There will be increased birthrates and little food. His rule will be "the good old times". Eventually, the worms will return, but by then people will learn that this can happen anywhere. He tells her that you must appreciate life before you can want to preserve it and she then understands his Fish Speaker army. They talk more about how he chooses his administrators.

In the end, Hwi decides she will marry him. He tells her to go to Anteac and to be sure to tell her everything. She asks if it's possible that his Golden Path could fail. He says anything can fail, but brave good friends help.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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