Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

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The problem of leadership is inevitably: Who will play God?
From the Oral History

Hwi is summoned before Leto in the depths of Onn. A Fish Speaker and Reverend Mother Anteac came to her at the Ixian embassy. She has sent his message to Ix concerning her birth. He asks what secrets they want her to get from him, she says they want to know about the inner workings of his religion and how he took religious control away from the Bene Gesserit. Leto says that Anteac was sent to the embassy to identify face dancers, her embassy had been infested. She says the Tleilaxu should be wiped out for their cruelty. Leto admits that he too can be cruel but the only people he's considered eliminating are the Bene Gesserit. He tells her how he came to be regarded as a god by the Fremen and how when he dies his consciousness will be divided among his decendant santrout, aware yet blind. This is what Paul was affraid of. He says that his religion is similar to sun worship and he tells her his secrets because he wouldn't ask her to be the bride of a god. He doesn't let her answer, but if she accepts he must be allowed to choose the father if she wants children. He realizes that if he had led a normal life, Hwi is exactly the kind of woman he would have wanted, and the Ixians know this. He sends her away, to be called back to the citadel later.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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