More Educational Myth Units

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More Educational Myth Units

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Yeah, I know, I said Unit.

I'm looking to make some more now that the Norse one is finished. While content is easy enough to find, activities take awhile to develop from scratch. Have any of you ever taken courses about a particular mythology and completed any activities that you think would be fun for students to do?

I'll worry about making them pedagogically sound, but any ideas would help save me some time in the development phase.

If you haven't seen it here's the one I finished on Norse Myth that is getting some pretty good use:

Back to the word Unit...

I was at an educational technology conference last month and someone giving a presentation was mentioning the aforementioned course and in a room full of 600+ mentioned "Norsemen Unit" which got some laughs in a room full of teachers and some funny Twitter posts.
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Re: More Educational Myth Units

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I did one on Greco-Roman mythology, but that was a part of my minor in Latin, so I'm not sure there was a lot of interest to high school students. But I bet some costume stuff would be fun.
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