Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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I know the evil of my ancestors because I am those people. The balance is
delicate in the extreme. I know that few of you who read my words have ever
thought about your ancestors this way. It has not occurred to you that your
ancestors were survivors and that the survival itself sometimes involved savage
decisions, a kind of wanton brutality which civilized humankind works very hard
to suppress. What price will you pay for that suppression? Will you accept your
own extinction?

-The Stolen Journals

As Duncan puts on the familiar Atreides uniform for his first day of Fish Speaker command, he tries to shake a nightmare he had of being trampled by fanged, black armored women. Moneo enters to explain Duncan's duties. Duncan asks about his predecesor and Leto's female army. Over breakfast, Moneo explains that without an enemy the male army always turns on it's own population and it has strong homosexual tendancies. When they break out of adolescent homosexual restraints they usually turn to rape. Also, women find it easier to mature due to the pregnancy and birth experience. Moneo reveals that he is Atreides and also a descendant of a previous Duncan Idaho. Duncan has a hard time understanding all of this. Moneo says that Leto believes in chance, that is his god.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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