Chapter 07

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Chapter 07

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I tell you this in the hope that it will help you understand why I do as I do in
the full knowledge that great forces accumulate in my Empire with but one wish, the
wish to destroy me. You who read these words may know full well what
actually happened, but I doubt that you understand it.

-The Stolen Journals

Siona is at a rebel meeting in a room below Onn. She and Topri meet with the Ixian ambassador, Kobat, to give him the volumns she stole from Leto's Citadel, in hopes that they can decipher them. The Ixian ambassador tells them of the navigation machine project they are working on with the Guild. Siona figures out that Topri is a spy for the God Emperor and tells him to give him a message from her that she accepts his challenge.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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