Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

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I saw his blood and a piece of his robe which had been ripped by sharp claws.
His sister reports vividly of the tigers, the sureness of their attack. We have
questioned one of the plotters, and others are dead or in custody. Everything
points to a Corrino plot. A Truthsayer has attested to this testimony.

-Stilgar's Report to the Landsraad Commission

Farad'n is spying on Duncan via CCTV from the illegal control room where the Tiger training was supervised. He can't figure out why he slit his wrists. He sits on a bench outside Jessica's quarters after requesting audience, why he can't imagine. He is bothered by Duncan's metal eyes and thinks of his own spice addict eyes concealed by lenses. He wonders if he really has his original memories as the Atreides Swordmaster and instructor of Muad'dib. He'd read the reports of hs death in the library, he killed 19 Sardaukar before falling. The Atreides have a superb talent for choosing servants and maintaining their loyalty. Whatever the reason for cutting his wrists, he did it to serve the Atreides. He also must believe Lady Jessica being here serves them too, and he's a mentat. He decides he should send Idaho back to Arrakis to stir up trouble among the Atreides. He thinks of his Sardaukar, now a man to man match for the Fremen but the Treaty of Arrakeen limits the relative size of his forces to the Fremen and they would overwhelm him with numbers. But now they are becoming weakened by civil war. He needs more time for them to grow stronger, new allies in the Landsraad and CHOAM financing. His latest reports from spys on Arrakis say the Fremen are becoming weaker as the teraforming progresses. Duncan is taken into Jessica's room and he switches to that camera.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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