Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

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You Bene Gesserit call your activity of the Panoplia Prophetica a "Science of
Religion." Very well. I, a seeker after another kind of scientist, find this an
appropriate definition. You do, indeed, build your own myths, but so do all
societies. You I must warn, however. You are behaving as so many other misguided
scientists have behaved. Your actions reveal that you wish to take something out
of [away from] life. It is time you were reminded of that which you so often
profess: One cannot have a single thing without its opposite.

-The Preacher at Arrakeen: A Message to the Sisterhood

Jessica is hiding out in an Red Chasm sietch, awaiting word from Stilgar. Alia has filed a process-verbal for crimes against the Imperium, claiming she'd been subourned by their enemies. Jessica sent message to Stilgar that she's possessed and needs to be put to the trial. The Fremen are divided and fighting each other, but the 200 Fedaykin remaining on Arrakis have sided with Jessica. The twins were found missing from Tabr after Alia ordered them returned to her. She thinks that they may have gone to Jacurutu.

Duncan Idaho comes as messanger from Stilgar, claiming he is to bring her to safety. Duncan admits that Alia has ordered him to abduct her. They both admit thier mistakes with Alia. Jessica wanted to leave, Duncan wanted a young Jessica. He says Stilgar thinks the twins have gone into the desert, maybe they saw this crisis coming. Idaho thinks Alia risks civil war but doesn't think it will come to that. Jessica decides to go along with Idaho's abduction of her. Idaho gives the Fedaykin Stilgar's countenance if they can make it to Tabr.Jessica orders them to go there.

Idaho and Jessica leave by thopter, Jessica asks where he's taking her. He says he'd promissed to create a believable plot against the Atreides and there was only one way to do that. He pressed a button that secured Jessica in restraints. He's taking her to Salusa Secundus, to Farad'n. She struggles against her bindings until they tighten and she feels the shigawire, she accusses Idaho of obeying Alia. He denies it and says he does The Preacher's bidding. The Preacher wants her to teach Farad'n in the same way she taught Paul. She asks if The Preacher is Paul, Duncan says he wishes he knew.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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