May 2005 AudioFile, Steven Steinbock

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May 2005 AudioFile, Steven Steinbock

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Talking With

With over 90 books to his name, Colorado-based sci-fi scribe Kevin Anderson
is a self-described write-a-holic
. “I’m a storyteller. They keep coming and
coming, and I keep writing. I once did 14 books in a single calendar year. I
love telling stories

Anderson’s books have included novels set in the Star Wars and X-Files
universes. He has scripted comic books for both Marvel and DC. And he was
asked by the estate of Frank Herbert to continue the popular Dune saga,
together with Herbert’s son, Brian Herbert. In addition, Anderson has a
successful space opera of his own, the Saga of the Seven Suns series

I’ve been listening to audiobooks for 20-something years. I discovered
them in the library. At that time, the selection was abysmal. So I ended up
listening to books that I would never have picked up otherwise. The ironic
thing is I’ve become a devoted fan of Tony Hillerman’s mysteries. And the
only way I would have read those is because they were in the library. I’m so
committed to listening to the Tony Hillermans that nothing else will do.
And it has to be George Guidall reading it.

I’m a slow reader. It takes me a month to read a novel. So I enjoy being
able to fold an extra book into my reading schedule, whether it’s the new
Dean Koontz or Brad Meltzer or James Patterson. I’ve listened to every
single Harry Potter book. I don’t think I would enjoy a Harry Potter book
unless Jim Dale were reading it

Anderson composes his books by dictating into a tape recorder, which he
takes with him on frequent hikes.
There’s nothing I like more than writing
except maybe hiking. If I take my tape recorder and go out hiking, I’m
fulfilling both my needs. As I’m hiking, my brain absorbs all the details—
the smells and sounds and the spectacular landscape—while creating alien
landscapes. I’ve written chapters set on desert planets while climbing the
sand dunes in Death Valley. I’ve written scenes set on frozen landscapes
while trudging along in snowshoes, crunching the snow, smelling the crisp
metallic bite of the mountain air.

Writing this way helps promote a style that adapts well to audio.
Scott Brick has told me that my books are very easy to read because the
sentences come out as if someone had spoken them, which is true because
I did

What’s on the horizon for Kevin Anderson?I’m working on another four
Dune books with Brian Herbert. I just sold a contract for three more Saga
of the Seven Suns novels. My wife and I are doing a young adult series for
Little Brown. Dean Koontz and I have FRANKENSTEIN: PRODIGAL SON, which
will come out in abridged and unabridged. I have one coming out in the
spring called THE MARTIAN WAR, about young H.G. Wells going to Mars to
stop the War of the Worlds
.”—Steven Steinbock

When a brand knew urinal puck showed up in the bathroom of my studio, I knew what I had to do.
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