Asimov's Foundation to be a movie

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Asimov's Foundation to be a movie

Postby Rakis » Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:09 pm

Link : ... e265bbed4a

Those are the guys who produced the Lord of the Rings trilogy...we'll see...
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Postby Omphalos » Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:11 pm

I was reading about this on Chronicles the other day. I think something like this has been talked about for a while now. I thought it would make a better HBO special, and probably would be a pretty poor movie.
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Postby A Thing of Eternity » Sun Aug 03, 2008 11:06 am

I'm sure it'll be mediocre, but at least these guys know how to show some respect foor the work of art they're basing a film on.
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I wish Berg would at least acknowledge the complexities of Dune instead of saying "it's really just a great hero action story". He's officially on my list of famous people I'm allowed to punch in the face if I ever meet them. :x
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Postby Star Dust » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:25 am

I found the books underwhelming and overrated, but I still have the utmost
respect for Assimov. Just wasn't my bag.
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Postby Freakzilla » Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:19 pm

I think it was Tim O'Riley who called Foundation, "Dune Light".
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