Chapter 09

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Chapter 09

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Many have marked the speed with which Muad'Dib learned the necessities of
Arrakis. The Bene Gesserit, of course, know the basis of this speed. For the
others, we can say that Muad'Dib learned rapidly because his first training was
in how to learn. And the first lesson of all was the basic trust that he could
learn. It is shocking to find how many people do not believe they can learn, and
how many more believe learning to be difficult. Muad'Dib knew that every
experience carries its lesson.

-from "The Humanity of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan

Paul is pretending to be asleep after palming the sedative Dr. Yueh gave him. He listens to Yueh and his mother talk in the next room. After he hears his mother leave he decides to go exploring. A hunter-seeker slips out of the headboard of the bed he was just in. As the hall door begins to open, the HS is attracted to the motion, he grabs and destroys it. It was the Shadout Mapes at the door. She says his father has sent for him. He orders her to tell his father's men about the HS. Mapes feels indebted to Paul for saving her life and in order to repay the debt informs him that there is a traitor in their midst.
They were destroyed because they lied pretentiously. Have no fear that my wrath
will fall upon you because of your innocent mistakes.

~Leto II, God Emperor
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