5 Apr 2011, Dragon Page, Cover to Cover, BH-KJ, audio link

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5 Apr 2011, Dragon Page, Cover to Cover, BH-KJ, audio link

Postby D Pope » Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:24 pm

http://www.dragonpage.com/2011/04/05/co ... cover-448/

Can this be downloaded here? Better yet, just the second half?
Another Hellhole interview, kj & Brian start at 16:45
The guys (interviewers) talk a little about self-publishing star Amanda Hocking, the success she’s been having putting out her own ebooks, and the recent deal she signed
They also talk about reasons for the sudden expansion and growth of ebook sales — is it because of the gadgets and the need for content on them, or is it something else?

Kevin pleads for legitimacy and Brian show that he can do what he's told by
explaining the party line- bla bla Napolion, bla bla Hellhole bad, bla bla riff off each other.
"We go on little hikes..."said Brian. 22:12 Ha!
Kevin made me work on Sisterhood while on the Hellhole book tour.
kevie says that there's two more Dune books after Sisters, seems pretty happy that he's covered till 2016.
At least someone has made Brian stop calling Leto II an alien, now he, navagators & face dancers are mutants.
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