Ultra-condensed books

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Ultra-condensed books

Post by Liege-Killer »

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this site before, but I thought it was worth a few laughs.

Book-a-Minute -- summaries of books you can read in less than a minute.

For example: Rendezvous with Rama. :lol:

Then there's Dune.
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Post by SandChigger »

Hee hee. :D
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Post by Omphalos »

I like those too.
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Post by SimonH »

http://www.rinkworks.com/bookaminute/b/ ... 2001.shtml

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Wow. I understand the movie now.

this is my experience exactly! :lol:
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Post by GamePlayer »

This is like the Abridged Scripts site, but for books.
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