Martians, Go Home, by Frederic Brown

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Martians, Go Home, by Frederic Brown

Postby Omphalos » Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:21 pm


Frederic Brown is one of those mid-century pulp writers who I see reflected in a lot of Philip K. Dick's works, not only because both authors wrote very fast to keep ahead of the bills, and because they both managed to put out some quality works while doing so, but because they both use humor and sarcasm very well. Brown's works are full of good hearted sarcasm while I think that Dick's works tend to be comparatively darker, but both of them managed to make a pretty big mark on the genre during their careers, and both of them are again in critical and popular ascendency. Martians, Go Home is a light satire of the SF genre, and a pretty good read to boot. Three out of five stars (though many include this work as an important landmark in the development of the genre).

Martians, Go Home tells the story of a down-on-his-luck SF writer named Luke Devereaux, who has left Los Angeles and locked himself in a remote cabin in the California high desert in the hopes that he will get past a debilitating writer's block. While brainstorming his bookPlease click here or on the cover above to be taken to the review.
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Postby SpacemanSpiff » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:45 pm

I read this book several years ago and thought it was spure genius.
The little martians were so annoying they would have driven anyone insane. Imagine short green baldheaded aliens who can go anywhere they want and you can't do anything hurt them and their only reason for being here? To annoy us!

Then they made that piece of shit movie of it with stand up comedians!
I will never understand the mentality of hollywood producers.
Imagine the conversation,
Fat cat Producer: "Hey here's a book that lot's of people like. Let's make a movie of it! because so many people like it we'll make a ton of money."

Fat cat's bootlicker: "Yea boss ok that's a great idea but this is SEYE FEYE it'll cost a bundle for special 'fects. And the story is knda hard to follow."

Fat cat Producer: "No prob' we'll just rewrite it to make it better and cut back on the EEfects."

Fat cat's bootlicker: Yer a geenyus boss!"
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