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Public Enemies

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:35 pm
by GamePlayer
As some of you may or may not be aware, I am a Michael Mann whore. I've seen many of his films and his best movies are on my all time favorites list. He's done the amazing 1995 heist film Heat with De Niro and Pacino, he's done the iconic Last of the Mohicans with Day-Lewis and the gripping The Insider with Crowe in a career-high performance and Pacino again. So when his films come out, I'm am unashamed to admit that Michaal Mann (like Stanley Kubrick or James Cameron) is one of those few special directors whose films I go to see whether the result is good (Collateral), mediocre (Ali) or bad (Miami Vice, 2006).

Mann's next film is the 1930's gangster flick titled Public Enemies featuring another powerhouse acting duo in Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. The rest of the cast is no less impressive and the credits for the writing team look solid (one was responsible for penning the notable Primal Fear, generally considered Edward Norton's breakout role). It's also directed by Michael Mann, if I haven't mentioned that already :)

One of the costars for Public Enemies has scans from the newest issue of Empire magazine uploaded on his website. You can follow the link below to read a short few pages about the new film with a bunch of photos showing the stars: ... c-enemies/

Needless to say, I think this looks great :)