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Heinlein in Dimension, by Alexi Panshin

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:05 pm
by Omphalos
Panshin wrote a number of years ago a masterpiece called Rite of Passage. But before he was an author, he was a very informed fan who wrote two very noteworthy non-fiction pieces. One of them was called The World Beyond the Hill, which is about the most important theme in the genre, that of transformation. Its excellent.

The other non-fiction book is this one, a thorough review of Heinlein's works. Panshin was heavily influenced by Heinlein in Rite of Passage, and this work shows why he loves Heinlein so very much. I don't think its anywhere near as good as The World Beyond the Hill (actually, no non-fiction genre book is as good as that one, except maybe for Breakfast in the Ruins, by Barry Maltzberg), but this one is worth the time to read. ... l#Contents